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MARK -1202
MARK -1202
Quality monitoring of feed water and steam at thermal and nuclear power plants, as well as of water conditioning processes in diverse industries.
Silica analyzer MARK -1202 is intended for high-precision measurement of silica dioxide in process water of thermal and nuclear power plants, along with monitoring of water conditioning processes in diverse industries. The analyzer is based on photometric way of measurement with chemical agents automated batching. MARK-1202 can be applied not only as an on-line one, but also for laboratory periodic monitoring, with that it will significantly facilitate silica measurement if compared with the photometric method as per ОСТ-34-70-953.1-88. Warranty – 12 months.

Basic kit:

  • Measuring module
  • Converting unit
  • Chemical agents stand
  • Power supply unit


  • Sample switchboard
  • Connecting cables
Overall and fixing dimensions

Multiflow analysis capability

  • From 1 to 6 channels
  • Independent indication, digital and current outputs

Multipurpose analyzer

  • The analyzer can be applied both as on-line (for continuous measurements) and laboratory (for periodic monitoring)

 Small volume sample for laboratory analysis

  Minimal maintenance

  • Introspection
  • Autocalibration

Minimal chemical agents consumption

Chemical agents replacement interval – once per 3 months of uninterrupted duty

Clean, comprehensible interface

Backlit touch-sensitive indicator



Дискретность Точность

SiO2, мкг/дм3



±(1+0,05*А) в диапазоне  0,1-500;

±0,07*А       в диапазоне 500-5000


 А – измеренное значение

Температура, °C





 Модуль измерительный

Габаритные размеры, мм 300*140*750
Вес, кг 10

8-800-100-23-22 (доп.формы связи в разделе Контакты)
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